About Us

Croft Flower Stands has been manufacturing and supplying retail outlets with point of sale display equipment for over 30 years. Founded by father and son team Bryan and Matthew Delamere, together they designed and manufactured a range of displays that would adapt to different areas of the shop. Their aim was to maximise floor selling space and use outside displays to entice customers into the shop.

Whether you consider a small two bucket stand, like our CP1, to position by the till to promote impulse sales, or decide you would like a bigger display, perhaps the CP14, allowing your flowers and plants to add curb appeal to your shop, Croft caters for all needs. Our customers range from individual florists to major supermarkets in the UK and Europe. ​

As well as flower stands Croft offers a range of outside security storage boxes, newspaper stands and bunkers for forecourt display. Croft also design and manufacture bespoke equipment for different display items to your own specification. Call us to speak to someone about the Croft bespoke service.